BIOCHAMP Rapid Thermophilic Digestion System (BRTDS™) Technology

Using our own patented proprietary HEFA enzyme formulation, our digester is able to break down organic waste of all kinds including proteins, fats, carbohydrates, fibres and pectin through aerobic digestion.
  • The whole digestion process is odorless and takes 24 hours to convert the waste product into organic fertilizer.
    • The process also effectively eliminates all forms of pathogens, resulting in the final product being a high-grade, odorless, pathogen-free organic fertilizer

BRTDS™ Technology Introductory Brochure


Enzyme Technology

  • Our High Efficiency Fermentation Agent (HEFA) enzyme cocktail was carefully formulated using only naturally found enzymes and microbes. The HEFA enzyme facilitates the process of the thermophilic/aerobic digestion, accelerating the procedure to produce a stable and consistent output.

Applications of BRTDS™ Technology


  • Food Producers & Manufacturers
  • Crop plantations, vegetable farms, animal ranches, vineyards, orchards, poultry hubs, hatcheries, abattoirs, canneries,  food factories, food-catering kitchen,  etc.


  • Civic and Commercial Establishments
  • Markets, Shopping malls, hotels, resorts, theme parks, restaurants, food courts, hospitals, educational institutes, residential developments, etc.


  • Industrial Establishments
  • Waste water treatment plants, water reclamation plants, industrial parks, marine vessels and offshore facilities, etc.

Organic Fertilizer Output

  • 100% Natural;
  • Weed-free;
  • No harmful pathogens;
  • No offensive odour;
  • Enhances soil fertility;
  • Rejuvenates soil ecosystem;
  • Improves water retention;
  • Efficient reduction of nutrient leachate

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